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Simple Text Editor
Edit text files in the browser.
Send messages and make P2P calls.
RDF Graph Editor
Create and share RDF graphs.
Math Editor
A WYSIWYG editor for math formulas.
Database for RDF
Author and enrich structured data.
Browse word pronunciations.
A guide to tech terminology.
Turn your phone into a compass.
Turn your browser into a camera.
Database for Event Sourcing
A storage for event-sourced systems.
A web-based weather app.
Genome Browser
Explore the human genome.
Sequence Alignment Viewer
Open FASTA files in the browser.
Punycode Converter
Punycode-encode and decode IDNs.
SMTP Testing Tool
Test your email server deployment.
View place name pronunciations on a map.
3D Mol Viewer
View molecular models in 3D.
IPA to Speech
Compose speech audio from IPA.
Semantic Web Browser
Look up entities on the Semantic Web.
Sequence Logo Maker
Create sequence logo diagrams online.
FHIR Viewer
Connect to and browse FHIR servers.
Data URI Generator
Generate data URLs in the browser.
Periodic Table
View the periodic table of the elements.
Words Game
An online words game à la Wordle.
An online analog clock.
Structural Formula Viewer
View structural formulas of chemical compounds.
A simple online calendar.
HL7v2 Parser
An online parser for HL7v2 messages.
Emoji Browser
Browse and search emoji by name.
Bloch Sphere
Visualize qubits on a Bloch sphere.
Markdown Editor
Edit Markdown files in the browser.
Play Snake on your phone or computer.
Battery Manager
Monitor the battery status in the browser.
RDAP Client
Query RDAP data quickly and easily.
VIN Decoder
A tool for decoding Vehicle Identification Numbers.
FSH Editor
Author and debug FSH documents online.
Barcode Reader
Detect barcodes and QR codes.
Local Font Browser
Explore locally installed fonts.
Sound Recorder
Record audio online.
ADL Editor
Edit and inspect ADL files online.
Browse alphabets, scripts, and writing systems.
Face Detector
A demo of a face detection service.
Emoji Camera
Apply an emoji filter to your video.
CQL Editor
Edit and evaluate CQL online.
FHIR Terminology Service Client
Query FHIR terminology services online.
FHIR GraphQL Client
Query FHIR stores using GraphQL.
FHIR Validator
Validate FHIR resources online.
FHIR Message Sender
Submit messages to FHIR servers.
ECL Editor
Write and execute ECL queries.
FHIR IG Publisher
Generate FHIR Implementation Guides online.
JSGF Editor
Edit speech recognition grammars online.
Text to Speech
Turn text into speech in your browser.
Turtle Editor
Edit and auto-format Turtle documents.
FHIR Converter
An XML-JSON converter for FHIR resources.
IPA Chart
An online IPA chart.
GraphQL Validator
Validate JSON against GraphQL schema.
JSON Validator
Validate JSON against JSON Schema.
TypeScript Validator
Validate JSON against TypeScript types.
SQL Playground
Experiment with SQL in the browser.