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Creating an Amazon Neptune database using AWS CDK v2
Provisioning a graph database cluster in AWS using TypeScript.
Internationalized top-level domains
The full list of top-level domains that use the internationalized domain name system.
MAIL FROM and RCPT TO vs. the To and From headers
The difference between the email envelope and message headers when it comes to senders and recipients.
cid URLs for email developers
What are cid URLs and how are they interpreted by email clients?
What are data URLs?
The ins and outs of data URLs.
An introduction to Eckher Semantic Web Browser
Navigating the Semantic Web and retrieving the structured data about entities made easy with Eckher Semantic Web Browser.
What is FHIR and why is it important?
An overview of FHIR and its impact on patient care.
Say "Hello, World!" with Q#
Creating a simple Q# console application.
AstraZeneca's knowledge graph: Drug discovery is a lot about connections
The biomedical knowledge graph built by AstraZeneca helps the company find new drugs and drug targets.
Running Neo4j in Docker with the Graph Data Science library
How to run the official Neo4j Docker image and enable the Graph Data Science library?
A technical introduction to OpenAI's GPT-3 language model
An overview of the groundbreaking GPT-3 language model created by OpenAI.
Amazon EC2 Mac instances: Provisioning macOS compute environments in the AWS cloud
Powered by Apple Mac minis, EC2 Mac instances allow developers to provision macOS-based environments in the cloud and benefit from the pay-as-you-go pricing model.
What does a knowledge engineer do?
An overview of knowledge engineering and the core competencies and responsibilities of a knowledge engineer.
npm exec: A new way to run commands from npm packages
npm v7 has introduced the new npm exec command which, like npx, can be used to run npm scripts "on the fly".
The building blocks of OWL
What makes up OWL ontologies and how do they support logical inference?
Scalable genomic alignment with Progressive Cactus
How progressive alignment makes it possible to efficiently align hundreds to thousands of large genomes.
The ambitious challenge of finishing the human genome
Generating a complete human genome sequence, chromosome by chromosome.
WikiPathways: A Wikipedia for biological pathways
An overview of the collaboratively edited structured pathway encyclopedia.
The RDF model of the Gene Ontology, demystified
An outline of the structure of the Gene Ontology RDF graph and ways to query it.
SVMs in practice
A primer on support vector machines (SVMs) and their applications.
TensorFlow.js and linear regression
Building and training simple linear regression models in JavaScript using TensorFlow.js.
On the nature of the wave function
The wave function is an abstract mathematical concept and cannot be "measured" directly. So what is it then?
The Hadamard gate
The definition of the Hadamard gate and some of its properties.
Dirac notation for quantum states
How to read the bra–ket notation?
An introduction to New Zealand's payments system
The systems, processes, and institutions that make up New Zealand's payments system.
Popular tools for product management
Simplifying processes and driving communication and collaboration.
Bioinformatics and software engineering
Do bioinformatics researchers need software engineering training?
Coloring conventions in molecular modeling
What colors are usually used to represent different elements?
COVID-19 resources for bioinformaticians and data scientists
Resources about coronavirus disease 2019 and the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.
What is JSmol and how to use it?
Machine learning in bioinformatics
How is machine learning used in bioinformatics?
Public sequence data sources
What are the public sources of protein and nucleic acid sequence data?
RDF* and the onset of Linked Data* and the Semantic Web*
The evolution of RDF and the related technologies fuelled by the need to make statements about statements.
Data discovery at Uber: The continued success of Databook
How Uber's in-house platform powers discovery, exploration, and knowledge at scale.
One schema, one API: Inside the world of Data Commons
Data Commons brings thousands of public datasets together into one data graph to give data analysts and researchers a jump-start on analysing open data.
Harnessing the power of the Oxford English Dictionary for linguistic research and NLP applications
How the OED Text Annotator may help bring text mining and natural language processing technologies to the next level.
A network of drugs: The New Zealand Medicines Terminology
An overview of New Zealand's drug vocabulary.
A beginner's guide to graph embeddings
Understanding what graph embeddings are and why they are important for graph analytics.
Towards more linked lexicographical data: Lexemes on Wikidata
A glimpse into the meaning and other properties of words described with structured and linked data.
Data exploration on linked COVID-19 datasets
An overview of the available RDF datasets and discovery tools for COVID-19.
Document understanding: Modern techniques and real-world applications
How document understanding helps bring order to unstructured data.
Navigating unstructured data: The rise of question answering
Question answering technologies are key to efficiently dealing with overwhelming amounts of unstructured data.
Let's explore the Nobel Prize dataset
An overview of the official Nobel Prize Linked Data dataset with some example SPARQL queries.
Why federation is a game-changing feature of SPARQL
SPARQL federation is an incredibly useful feature for querying distributed RDF graphs.
Consider these icon libraries for your next project
A selection of the best icon libraries on the web.
Scroll chaining, overscroll glow, and rubberbanding explained
An overview of the scroll-related behaviors and ways to control them using the overscroll-behavior CSS property.
It's official: Moment.js is a "legacy" library
The moment.js project calls the library "legacy" in the new status update. Does it mean this is the end of moment.js?
Emoji 13.1 adds 217 new emoji sequences
Emoji 13.1 is now part of the Unicode Emoji technical standard and adds new emojis and skin tone variants.
Here's the full list of AWS services
A complete list of products and services offered by Amazon Web Services, with the latest additions.
The right way to install Docker on a Mac
Installing Docker Desktop for Mac using the Homebrew package manager.
Safely creating new directories using the Node.js File System API
How to safely create directories using the native file system module in Node.js?
HTTP headers
The list of commonly used HTTP headers.
Built-in React hooks
The list of built-in React hooks.
What is Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and how to use it?
UX design and research resources from Google
The list of user experience design and research resources created by Google.
Emoji SVG sources
SVG sources of Google and Twitter emojis.
What is Wikidata?
Markup for multilingual websites
The correct markup for website localization and internationalization.
Declaring custom JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript
How to specify non-standard JSX/HTML attributes in TypeScript?
Event-driven architecture
What is an event-driven architecture and how is it different from other architectures?
Where to find the list of all emojis?
Finding the most comprehensive list of emoji characters.
How to embed a YouTube video into Markdown?
Ways to insert a YouTube player into a Markdown document.
Introduction to SPARQL
SPARQL is a query language for graph data. The graph model of thinking fits well a lot of use cases.
CSS variables
Using CSS variables.
Line breaks in CSS
How to tune the browser's text wrapping algorithms?
Loading npm dependencies from multiple registries
How to add npm dependencies from multiple package registries?
Creating a JavaScript library with webpack
How to bundle a JavaScript library with webpack?
How to scp?
Using the scp command.
What does a senior developer do?
The difference between an intermediate and senior developer.
Generating data URLs in JavaScript
How to generate data URLs in JavaScript?
Receiving email with Node.js
How to receive email in Node.js?
Publishing an npm package to GitHub Packages
How to publish an npm package to GitHub Packages?
Asynchronous iteration in JavaScript
Gotchas with asynchronous iteration in JavaScript.
Preloading on hover
Preloading the destination page when the user hovers over a link.
Signed exchanges
What are signed exchanges and how to implement them?
Iterating over Map in JavaScript
Gotchas with iterating over a Map object in JavaScript.
Useful SEO resources
Tools and services for validating SEO.
Working with ChemDraw JS
ChemDraw JS makes it possible to create, view, and edit chemical structures in the browser.
Authenticating to an npm registry
How to authenticate to an npm registry?
Multi-<select> in React
How to implement a controlled multi-<select> in React?
Migrating from Google Cloud Source Repositories to GitHub
How to import a repository from Google Cloud Source to GitHub?
Styling native HTML dropdowns
How to style the native HTML dropdown?
Gatsby vs. Next.js
What is the difference between Gatsby and Next.js?
How to run a JSX script?
Executing .jsx files with command line.
<select> in React
How to implement a controlled <select> in React?
System-wide HTTP requests
Inspecting all HTTP network requests.
Parsing XML in JavaScript
How to parse XML in JavaScript?
Building a DNS server in Node.js
How to build a DNS server in Node.js?
Working with Next.js.
Working with Gatsby.
Accelerated Mobile Pages today
The AMP standard defines how fast pages are to be built.
Guide to Google Data Studio report customization
There are multiple ways in which you can customize your Data Studio reports.
How to find something in the Google Knowledge Graph?
Finding something among over 1 billion entities is hard.
Non-functional requirements: a closer look
What are non-functional requirements?
webpack ecosystem
webpack comes with a lot of supporting libraries that are worth checking out.
What is graphd?
The story of the storage engine behind Freebase.
The new Eckher Simple Text Editor
Meet Eckher Simple Text Editor, a simple app for editing plaintext files.
Google Sans Text
What is Google Sans Text and when was it first released?
The Roboto Flex variable font
With its 13 variation axes, Roboto Flex offers a wide diversity of type styles in a single variable font.
RDAP, the successor to WHOIS
This RDAP protocol allows users to access structured domain registration data.
Names of months in Māori
The list of the names of months in Māori.
Days of the week in Māori
The list of the names of days of the week in Māori.
Meaning of whaka in Māori place names
What does whaka mean in Māori place names?
Country names in te reo Māori
The list of the Māori translations of the names of countries and territories.
Poisson distribution
What is the Poisson distribution?
Country names in Tongan
The list of country names in Tongan.
IPA symbols
The list of International Phonetic Alphabet symbols.
The periodic table
The history and significance of the periodic table of elements.
Eckher Genome Browser
Explore the human genome online.
Eckher Sequence Alignment Viewer
Explore sequence alignments in detail with Eckher Sequence Alignment Viewer.
Eckher Punycode Converter
Convert Punycode-encoded domain names to Unicode and back.
Eckher Text to Speech
Transform your text into speech inside the web browser.
Eckher 3D Mol Viewer
View molecular models in 3D.
Eckher Database for Event Sourcing
A storage for event-sourced systems.
Eckher Messenger
Send messages and make peer-to-peer calls.
Eckher RDF Graph Editor
Author and visualize RDF-based knowledge graphs.
Eckher Math Editor
Create publication-quality formulas in your browser.
Eckher Database for RDF
The service for authoring and querying structured data.
Language matters: Introducing Eckher Dictionary
Meet the new pronunciation dictionary of the English language.
Eckher Compass
Turn your phone into a compass.
Eckher Glossary
Your guide to tech and business terminology and jargon.
Eckher Camera
Turn your browser into a camera.
Eckher Weather
The familiar weather app, available in the browser.
Eckher SMTP Testing Tool
Test SMTP server communication using Eckher's email testing tool.
The world in IPA: Exploring Eckher's phonetic map
Find your way to place name pronunciations with Eckher IPA Map.
What is FASTA and how is it used?
Learn about the FASTA format and its applications.
Eckher Sequence Logo Maker
Create sequence logo diagrams online using Eckher's sequence logo generator
Implementing a FHIR server
Common approaches to implementing a FHIR-compliant server.
AWS Lambda under the hood
A detailed look at the lifecycle of Lambda functions and the underlying infrastructure.
Eckher FHIR Viewer
Connect to and browse FHIR-enabled servers.
Converting fonts with FontForge using the command line on macOS
How to convert font files using FontForge's scripting language on macOS?
The list of schema registries
An overview of the technologies used to discover and manage event or message schemas.
Schemas are everywhere
An overview of common schema types and their usage.
Events API design
How to design a good events API?
Field-level authorization in GraphQL
Restricting access on a per-field basis in GraphQL.
Bloch Sphere by Eckher
Visualize qubits on a Bloch sphere with Eckher's new tool.
Help: Eckher Markdown Editor
Learn how Eckher Markdown Editor can help you edit Markdown documents quickly and easily in your browser.
Help: Eckher FSH Editor
An introduction to Eckher FSH Editor.
Walking a directory in Node.js
How to list all files recursively within a directory tree in Node.js?
Eckher JSGF Editor
Use Eckher JSGF Editor to edit speech recognition grammars online.
Cloud-based FHIR IG Publisher
A zero-setup way to generate FHIR Implementation Guides from source.
Eckher ECL Editor
An online editor for the Expression Constraint Language.
Eckher CQL Editor
An online editor for the Clinical Quality Language.
FHIR Message Sender by Eckher
An online client for FHIR messaging.
FHIR Validator
An online validator for FHIR resources.
FHIR GraphQL Client
Query FHIR servers using GraphQL.
FHIR Terminology Service Client
An online tool for querying FHIR terminology services.
Eckher Turtle Editor
An online editor for Turtle documents.
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