Eckher SMTP Testing Tool

Eckher SMTP Testing Tool is an online solution for testing SMTP server connectivity via TCP port 25.

How to use Eckher SMTP Testing Tool?

Open Eckher SMTP Testing Tool in the browser to launch the app. Enter the "From" and "To" email addresses and (optionally) the subject and body of the test email. Press "Send" to send the test email.

Eckher SMTP Testing Tool
DeveloperEckher, Anton Vasetenkov
TypeDeveloper tools
DescriptionAn online tool for testing email server connectivity via TCP port 25.
Written inTypeScript
PlatformWeb application
Initial releaseJuly 10, 2021
Latest releaseAugust 3, 2021
Current statusActive
Eckher SMTP Testing Tool
Use this tool to test SMTP communication with your email server by sending test emails.
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