Eckher Punycode Converter

Eckher Punycode Converter is an online tool for encoding/decoding internationalized domain names using Punycode.

How to use Eckher Punycode Converter?

Open Eckher Punycode Converter in the browser to launch the tool. Enter the internationalized domain name in the first field, and the Punycode-encoded version will appear in the second field. To decode a Punycode-encoded domain name, enter it in the second field, and the Unicode version will appear in the first field.

Eckher Punycode Converter
DeveloperEckher, Anton Vasetenkov
DescriptionAn online Punycode encoder/decoder.
Written inTypeScript
PlatformWeb application
Initial releaseJuly 23, 2021
Latest releaseAugust 3, 2021
Current statusActive
Eckher Punycode Converter
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Punycode Converter
Use this tool to convert IDN (Unicode) to ASCII (Punycode) and back.