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Jul 25, 2021

Eckher Database for RDF

The service for authoring and querying structured data.

Eckher Database for RDF is a service for authoring, enriching, and querying structured data. It is an ideal solution for organizing and contextualizing structured knowledge which lays the foundation for a wide range of data-driven applications.

As a graph datastore, Eckher Database for RDF can accommodate many kinds of diverse datasets including knowledge graphs, CRMs, CMSs, and so on, with support for a wide range of SPARQL query language features. One such feature, for example, is SPARQL federation which effectively allows you to tap into external SPARQL-enabled data sources such as Wikidata and query them as though they were part of your own dataset.


You can explore the key capabilities of Eckher Database for RDF using the example dataset about Alice, Bob, and Carol and the movies that they have watched online. Notice that this dataset does not include any information about the movies themselves, yet thanks to SPARQL federation, one can easily discover and query the connections between Alice, Bob, Carol, movie genres, cast members, and so on, and answer interesting questions like "Does Alice know anyone who has watched an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?"

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