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The structure of the Google Knowledge Graph ID
Jan 28, 2022

The structure of the Google Knowledge Graph ID

What do Google KG IDs look like and what do they encode?

The Google Knowledge Graph is a large knowledge base containing facts about people, places, books, and other kinds of entities. Some examples of Google Knowledge Graph entities include:

  • /m/0dl567 — Taylor Swift
  • /m/02_286 — New York City
  • /m/030q7 — FIFA World Cup
  • /m/045c7b — Google
  • /g/11j48g0yyn —The Matrix Resurrections

Every entity in the Google Knowledge Graph has a unique ID, also known as an MID which stands for "machine identifier". These IDs have the same format and all begin with either /m/0 or /g/1 followed by the base-32 representation of an auto-incrementing numeric ID.

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