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Help: Eckher FSH Editor
Jun 26, 2022

Help: Eckher FSH Editor

An introduction to Eckher FSH Editor.

Eckher FSH Editor is an online editor for FSH (FHIR Shorthand) designed to help author and debug FSH documents and experiment with the language.

What is FSH?

FHIR Shorthand (FSH) is a domain-specific language for FHIR profiling and Implementation Guide (IG) creation. It provides a scalable, fast, user-friendly way to create and maintain FHIR profiles, extensions, and other artifacts needed for FHIR IGs. To learn more about FHIR Shorthand and access the formal description of the language, you can visit its official website at A quick reference is also available here as PDF.

What is Eckher FSH Editor?

Eckher FSH Editor is an online tool designed specifically to aid in authoring FSH documents. By providing the real-time preview of the parsed content, Eckher FSH Editor helps users better understand the logic of the language and quickly debug potential issues in their FSH files. As a coding playground, it also allows users to easily experiment with writing FSH from scratch.

How does Eckher FSH Editor work?

Eckher FSH Editor parses the FSH input in the browser and on the fly by executing the SUSHI compiler. The SUSHI package contains the reference implementation of FSH processor and provides utilities for parsing and compiling FSH into FHIR artifacts.

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