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FHIR Validator
Nov 5, 2022

FHIR Validator

An online validator for FHIR resources.

Eckher FHIR Validator is an online tool for validating FHIR resources.

FHIR resource validation

FHIR validation means verifying that a resource is both well-formed and conforms to the FHIR specification. This includes checking the structure of the resource, the cardinality and value domains of properties and conformance to other constraints such as profiles and business rules.

One way to validate a FHIR resource is to use the $validate operation of a FHIR server. This operation is defined in the FHIR specification and is supported by many FHIR servers. It accepts a FHIR resource as input and returns an OperationOutcome resource that acts as a validation report.

What is Eckher FHIR Validator?

Eckher FHIR Validator is an web application for validating FHIR resources using the $validate operation.

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