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Aug 2, 2021

Here's the full list of AWS services

A complete list of services offered by Amazon Web Services, with the latest additions.

Amazon Web Services offers hundreds of services ranging from compute and storage services to various analytics and security applications.

The number of products offered by AWS is constantly growing, and as of 2021, includes as many as 285 individual services.

Full list of AWS services

AWS Accounts
AWS Activate
AWS AmplifyBuild and deploy mobile and web applicationsFront-End Web & Mobile
AWS Amplify Admin
AWS App MeshMonitor and control microservicesNetworking & Content Delivery
AWS App Mesh Preview
AWS App RunnerBuild and run containerized web apps at scaleCompute, Containers
AWS AppConfig
AWS AppSyncPower your apps with the right data from many sources, at scaleApplication Integration, Front-End Web & Mobile, Serverless
AWS Application Cost Profiler Service
AWS Application Migration Service
AWS ArtifactOn-demand access to AWS compliance reportsSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Audit ManagerContinuously audit your AWS usageSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Auto ScalingScale Multiple Resources to Meet DemandManagement & Governance
AWS BackupCentralized backup across AWS servicesStorage
AWS Backup storage
AWS BatchRun Batch Jobs at Any ScaleCompute
AWS Billing
AWS Budget Service
AWS BugBust
AWS Certificate ManagerProvision, Manage, and Deploy SSL/TLS CertificatesSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
AWS ChatbotChatOps for AWSManagement & Governance
AWS Cloud MapApplication resource registry for microservicesNetworking & Content Delivery
AWS Cloud9Write, Run, and Debug Code on a Cloud IDEDeveloper Tools
AWS CloudFormationCreate and Manage Resources with TemplatesManagement & Governance
AWS CloudHSMHardware-based Key Storage for Regulatory ComplianceSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS CloudShellBrowser-based shell environmentDeveloper Tools
AWS CloudTrailTrack User Activity and API UsageManagement & Governance
AWS CodeArtifactSecure, scalable, and cost-effective artifact management for software developmentDeveloper Tools
AWS CodeBuildBuild and Test CodeDeveloper Tools
AWS CodeCommitStore Code in Private Git RepositoriesDeveloper Tools
AWS CodeDeployAutomate Code DeploymentDeveloper Tools
AWS CodePipelineRelease Software using Continuous DeliveryDeveloper Tools
AWS CodeStarDevelop and Deploy AWS ApplicationsDeveloper Tools
AWS CodeStar Connections
AWS CodeStar Notifications
AWS Compute OptimizerIdentify optimal AWS Compute resourcesManagement & Governance
AWS ConfigTrack Resource Inventory and ChangesManagement & Governance
AWS Connector Service
AWS Control TowerSet up and govern a secure, compliant, multi-account environmentManagement & Governance
AWS Cost Explorer Service
AWS Cost and Usage ReportAccess Comprehensive Cost and Usage InformationCloud Financial Management
AWS Data ExchangeFind, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloudAnalytics
AWS Database Migration ServiceMigrate Databases with Minimal DowntimeDatabase, Migration & Transfer
AWS DeepComposerML enabled musical keyboardMachine Learning
AWS DeepLensDeep Learning Enabled Video CameraMachine Learning
AWS DeepRacerAutonomous 1/18th scale race car, driven by MLMachine Learning
AWS Device FarmTest Android, iOS, and web apps on real devices in the AWS cloudDeveloper Tools, Front-End Web & Mobile
AWS Direct ConnectDedicated Network Connection to AWSNetworking & Content Delivery
AWS Directory ServiceHost and Manage Active DirectorySecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Elastic BeanstalkRun and Manage Web AppsCompute
AWS Elemental Appliances and Software
AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Activation Service
AWS Elemental MediaConnectReliable and secure live video transportMedia Services
AWS Elemental MediaConvertConvert File-based Video ContentMedia Services
AWS Elemental MediaLiveConvert Live Video ContentMedia Services
AWS Elemental MediaPackageVideo Origination and PackagingMedia Services
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD
AWS Elemental MediaStoreMedia Storage and Simple HTTP OriginMedia Services
AWS Elemental MediaTailorVideo Personalization and MonetizationMedia Services
AWS Fault Injection SimulatorFully managed fault injection serviceDeveloper Tools
AWS Firewall ManagerCentral Management of Firewall RulesSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Global AcceleratorImprove application availability and performanceNetworking & Content Delivery
AWS GlueSimple, scalable, and serverless data integrationAnalytics, Database
AWS Glue DataBrew
AWS Ground StationFully managed ground station as a serviceSatellite
AWS Health APIs and Notifications
AWS IAM Access Analyzer
AWS IQ Permissions
AWS Identity Store
AWS Import Export Disk Service
AWS IoT 1-ClickOne Click Creation of an AWS Lambda TriggerInternet of Things
AWS IoT AnalyticsAnalytics for IoT DevicesInternet of Things
AWS IoT Core Device Advisor
AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN
AWS IoT Device Tester
AWS IoT EventsIoT event detection and responseInternet of Things
AWS IoT Fleet Hub for Device Management
AWS IoT Greengrass
AWS IoT Greengrass V2
AWS IoT SiteWiseIoT data collector and interpreterInternet of Things
AWS IoT Things GraphEasily connect devices and web servicesInternet of Things
AWS Key Management ServiceManaged Creation and Control of Encryption KeysSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Lake FormationBuild a secure data lake in daysAnalytics
AWS LambdaRun your Code in Response to Events, Run code without thinking about serversCompute, Serverless
AWS License ManagerTrack, manage, and control licensesManagement & Governance
AWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace Catalog
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics Service
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service
AWS Marketplace Image Building Service
AWS Marketplace Management Portal
AWS Marketplace Metering Service
AWS Marketplace Procurement Systems Integration
AWS Migration HubTrack Migrations from a Single PlaceMigration & Transfer
AWS Mobile Hub
AWS Network FirewallNetwork security to protect your VPCsSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS OpsWorksAutomate Operations with Chef and PuppetManagement & Governance
AWS OpsWorks Configuration Management
AWS OrganizationsCentral governance and management across AWS accountsManagement & Governance
AWS OutpostsRun AWS services on-premisesCompute
AWS Panorama
AWS Performance Insights
AWS Price List
AWS Private Marketplace
AWS ProtonAutomated management for container and serverless deploymentManagement & Governance
AWS Purchase Orders Console
AWS Resource Access ManagerSimple, secure service to share AWS resourcesSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Resource Groups
AWS RoboMakerDevelop, test, and deploy robotics applicationsRobotics
AWS SSO Directory
AWS Savings Plans
AWS Secrets ManagerRotate, Manage, and Retrieve SecretsSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Security HubUnified security and compliance centerSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Security Token Service
AWS Server Migration ServiceMigrate On-Premises Servers to AWSMigration & Transfer
AWS Serverless Application RepositoryDiscover, Deploy, and Publish Serverless ApplicationsCompute
AWS Service CatalogCreate and Use Standardized ProductsManagement & Governance
AWS ShieldDDoS ProtectionSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS Signer
AWS Snowball
AWS Step FunctionsCoordinate Distributed Applications, Coordination for distributed applicationsApplication Integration, Serverless
AWS Support
AWS Systems ManagerGain Operational Insights and Take ActionManagement & Governance
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts
AWS Tag Editor
AWS Tiros
AWS Transfer for SFTP
AWS Trusted AdvisorOptimize Performance and SecurityManagement & Governance
AWS WAFFilter Malicious Web TrafficSecurity, Identity & Compliance
AWS WAF Regional
AWS Well-Architected ToolReview and improve your workloadsManagement & Governance
AWS X-RayAnalyze and debug your applicationsDeveloper Tools
Alexa for BusinessEmpower your Organization with AlexaBusiness Applications
Amazon API GatewayBuild, Deploy, and Manage APIs, Build, deploy, and manage API'sFront-End Web & Mobile, Networking & Content Delivery, Serverless
Amazon API Gateway Management
Amazon API Gateway Management V2
Amazon AppFlowNo code integration for SaaS apps & AWS servicesApplication Integration
Amazon AppIntegrations
Amazon AppStream 2.0Stream Desktop Applications Securely to a BrowserEnd User Computing
Amazon AthenaQuery Data in S3 using SQLAnalytics
Amazon BraketExplore and experiment with quantum computingQuantum Technologies
Amazon ChimeFrustration-free Meetings, Video Calls, and ChatBusiness Applications
Amazon Cloud Directory
Amazon CloudFrontGlobal Content Delivery NetworkNetworking & Content Delivery
Amazon CloudSearchManaged Search ServiceAnalytics
Amazon CloudWatchMonitor Resources and ApplicationsManagement & Governance
Amazon CloudWatch Logs
Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics
Amazon CodeGuruFind your most expensive lines of codeDeveloper Tools, Machine Learning
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer
Amazon Cognito Identity
Amazon Cognito Sync
Amazon Cognito User Pools
Amazon ComprehendDiscover Insights and Relationships in TextMachine Learning
Amazon Comprehend Medical
Amazon ConnectCloud-based Contact CenterCustomer Engagement
Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager
Amazon DetectiveInvestigate potential security issuesSecurity, Identity & Compliance
Amazon DevOps GuruML-powered cloud operations serviceMachine Learning
Amazon DynamoDBManaged NoSQL Database, Managed NoSQL databaseDatabase, Serverless
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
Amazon EC2Virtual Servers in the CloudCompute
Amazon EC2 Auto ScalingScale Compute Capacity to Meet DemandCompute
Amazon EC2 Image Builder
Amazon EC2 Instance Connect
Amazon EMR on EKS (EMR Containers)
Amazon ElastiCacheIn-memory Caching SystemDatabase
Amazon Elastic Block Store
Amazon Elastic Container RegistryEasily store, manage, and deploy container imagesContainers
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public
Amazon Elastic Container Service
Amazon Elastic File System
Amazon Elastic InferenceDeep learning inference accelerationMachine Learning
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic TranscoderEasy-to-use Scalable Media TranscodingMedia Services
Amazon Elasticsearch ServiceRun and Scale Elasticsearch ClustersAnalytics
Amazon EventBridgeServerless event bus for SaaS apps & AWS servicesApplication Integration, Serverless
Amazon EventBridge Schemas
Amazon FSx
Amazon ForecastIncrease forecast accuracy using machine learningMachine Learning
Amazon Fraud DetectorDetect more online fraud fasterMachine Learning
Amazon FreeRTOS
Amazon GameLiftSimple, Fast, Cost-effective Dedicated Game Server HostingGame Tech
Amazon Glacier
Amazon GroundTruth Labeling
Amazon GuardDutyManaged Threat Detection ServiceSecurity, Identity & Compliance
Amazon HealthLake
Amazon Honeycode
Amazon InspectorAnalyze Application SecuritySecurity, Identity & Compliance
Amazon Interactive Video ServiceManaged Live Video SolutionMedia Services
Amazon KendraReinvent enterprise search with MLMachine Learning
Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)Managed Cassandra-compatible databaseDatabase
Amazon KinesisWork with Real-time Streaming DataAnalytics
Amazon Kinesis Analytics
Amazon Kinesis Analytics V2
Amazon Kinesis Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Video StreamsProcess and Analyze Video StreamsMedia Services
Amazon LexBuild Voice and Text ChatbotsMachine Learning
Amazon Lex V2
Amazon LightsailLaunch and Manage Virtual Private ServersCompute
Amazon Location
Amazon Lookout for EquipmentDetect abnormal behavior by analyzing sensor dataMachine Learning
Amazon Lookout for MetricsDetect anomalies in metricsMachine Learning
Amazon Lookout for VisionSpot product defects using computer visionMachine Learning
Amazon MQManaged Message Broker ServiceApplication Integration
Amazon Machine Learning
Amazon MacieDiscover and protect your sensitive data at scaleSecurity, Identity & Compliance
Amazon Macie Classic
Amazon Managed BlockchainCreate and manage scalable blockchain networksBlockchain
Amazon Managed Service for GrafanaPowerful interactive data visualizationsManagement & Governance
Amazon Managed Service for PrometheusHighly available, secure monitoring for containersManagement & Governance
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache KafkaFully managed Apache Kafka serviceAnalytics
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache AirflowHighly available, secure, and managed workflow orchestrationApplication Integration
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Message Delivery Service
Amazon Mobile Analytics
Amazon MonitronEnd-to-end system for equipment monitoringMachine Learning
Amazon NeptuneFully Managed Graph Database ServiceDatabase
Amazon Nimble StudioBuild a digital content creation studioMedia Services
Amazon PersonalizeBuild real-time recommendations into your applicationsMachine Learning
Amazon PinpointPersonalized User Engagement Across ChannelsCustomer Engagement, Front-End Web & Mobile
Amazon Pinpoint Email Service
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service
Amazon PollyTurn Text into Lifelike SpeechMachine Learning
Amazon QLDB
Amazon QuickSightFast Business Analytics ServiceAnalytics
Amazon RDSManaged Relational Database Service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MariaDBDatabase
Amazon RDS Data API
Amazon RDS IAM Authentication
Amazon RedshiftFast, Simple, Cost-effective Data WarehousingAnalytics, Database
Amazon Redshift Data API
Amazon RekognitionAnalyze Image and VideoMachine Learning
Amazon Resource Group Tagging API
Amazon Route 53Scalable Domain Name SystemNetworking & Content Delivery
Amazon Route 53 Domains
Amazon Route 53 Resolver
Amazon S3
Amazon S3 Object Lambda
Amazon S3 on Outposts
Amazon SES
Amazon SNS
Amazon SQS
Amazon SageMakerBuild, Train, and Deploy Machine Learning Models at ScaleMachine Learning
Amazon Session Manager Message Gateway Service
Amazon Simple Email Service v2
Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon Storage Gateway
Amazon SumerianBuild and Run VR and AR ApplicationsVR & AR
Amazon TextractExtract text and data from documentsMachine Learning
Amazon TimestreamFully managed time series databaseDatabase
Amazon TranscribeAutomatic Speech RecognitionMachine Learning
Amazon TranslateNatural and Fluent Language TranslationMachine Learning
Amazon WorkDocsSecure enterprise document storage and sharingBusiness Applications, End User Computing
Amazon WorkLinkEnable mobile access to internal websitesEnd User Computing
Amazon WorkMailSecure and Managed Business Email and CalendaringBusiness Applications
Amazon WorkMail Message Flow
Amazon WorkSpacesDesktop Computing ServiceEnd User Computing
Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Apache Kafka APIs for Amazon MSK clusters
Application Auto Scaling
Application Discovery
Application Discovery Arsenal
CloudWatch Application Insights
Data Pipeline
Database Query Metadata Service
Elastic Load BalancingDistribute incoming traffic across multiple targetsNetworking & Content Delivery
Elastic Load Balancing V2
Elemental Support Cases
Elemental Support Content
Identity And Access Management
Launch Wizard
Network Manager
Service Quotas
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